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backgroundWe Offer:

  • Full and Half Day Preschool / Daycare

  • Before and After School Care

In a safe, peaceful and nurturing environment.


Virtual Tour of the Island Montessori House School

As this year due to COVID-19 we cannot invite parents to tour our preschool, we decided to make a video and take you on a virtual tour!




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A Holistic Education Like No Other

The Montessori Method of Education encourages the active participation of each child.  We promote self-reliance and independence while fostering a spirit of co-operation in communal endeavour.  We believe that every child has a natural desire to learn and that they do so best in an atmosphere of warmth, caring and respect.

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Extended Day Programs in a Beautiful, Natural Setting

We offer outstanding half day and full day Montessori daycare programs augmented by before and after school care.  All in one convenient location with highly trained and experienced staff who know and care about you as well as your child.

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Individualized Learning for Every Child, with Additional Services for Children with Special Needs

We offer individualized programs for all children, including those with special needs or behavioural challenges, in an integrated, inclusive setting.  Our highly trained and experienced staff work closely with the children’s families and professionals to develop and deliver a program designed to meet the developmental needs of the children.

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