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Our School

After more than 30 years in public schools in Victoria, Island Montessori moved out to our current location in beautiful rural Saanich.

We are surrounded by a magical forest with a lovely walk up to a wooden yurt perched on moss-covered ground.  We can see out of our school windows, across West Saanich Road, to the ‘lake’ where swans glide.

Deer wander in and out of the large lawn in front of the school, rabbits and frogs hop about, and an owl hoots in the early morning hours.  We have a fenced play area and plenty of opportunities for nature walks.  We will be planting a vegetable garden and flowers, and enjoy watching apples grow on the fruit trees here.

We are also composting snack debris and are consciously being eco-friendly (using individual towels instead of paper towels, etc.).  This is a perfect environment to teach children about conservation and caring for our planet Earth.