Thrifty Foods Smile Card fundraiser

Island Montessori is thanking all the families and friends who are fundraising for the school by using Thrifty Foods Smile Card. So far you helped us to raise $542.69! We kindly appreciate your support.

Mother’s Day Flower Baskets!

Island Montessori is doing Mother’s Day Flower Baskets fundraiser with Hilltop Greenhouses Ltd. If you would like to place an order, you can either drop a cheque/cash off at Island Montessori or give us a call. Please place your order by April 3rd!

Mother's Day Fundraiser 2018 - new prices

Purdys Chocolates for Easter!

The fundraiser has been cancelled due to not meeting the minimum requirement for the order.

Save Around Books

Raised $262.50!

Save Around Books fundraiser has been closed and we did really well! Thank-you to everyone who participated in this fundraiser. Hope you and your families will enjoy the coupons and have a lot of fun!

Poinsettias Fundraiser

Raised $577.28!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in Christmas Poinsettias Fundraiser. We appreciate your support for Island Montessori.

Please remember that you will be able to pick poinsettias on November 29th at Island Montessori.