Preschool and Pre K Program

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Our Preschool and Pre K Program centers on the development of the whole child supported by small class size and individual attention.


Everyday calendar activities are used to review and enrich math skills. Using concrete Montessori materials, children count to a hundred and beyond, learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication, place value to a thousand, weight, telling time, and measurement.

Language Arts

The language arts program consists of speaking and listening, learning the alphabet and its phonetic sounds, printing letters, writing words and sentences, reading and an appreciation for literature.

  • Sign Language: An introduction to English sign language is presented to the children;
  • Speaking and Listening: Speaking in front of large and small groups is a part of the curriculum. The children read, perform and sing in front of others. They learn to be a good audience;
  • Printing: The children learn to print and correctly form numbers and the alphabet;
  • Writing: The children learn to write words by sounding them out, as well as copying them from other sources. They have opportunities for daily writing which is used throughout the curriculum;
  • Reading: Reading skills are supported through the use of the basic readers, children’s story books, literature, poetry and thematic units.

Social Studies

Holidays around the world are recognized as a part of a Multicultural education. Children learn about where they live and their place in the world. They work on showing respect and getting along with others. In addition, Geography is presented using Montessori and other materials.


Science is presented using hands-on activities. Themes may include, parts of the earth and its environment, plants and animals, dinosaurs, and the Solar System.


Daily musical activities and regular Kodaly classes are part of the curriculum.

Arts & Crafts

The Art area is set up for creative use as well as individual craft projects. In addition, group art, crafts and sewing projects are completed.

Physical Education

Occurs in the school gym, and going outdoors daily.


Computers and the use of educational games are made available at scheduled times.

Field Trips

Field trips serve to extend the classroom curriculum and familiarize the children with the community and what it has to offer.

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