The Montessori Method of Education:

  • encourages the active participation of each child;
  • promotes self-reliance and independence;
  • fosters a spirit of co-operation in communal endeavour.

Within established, clear routines children feel safe and secure, gaining the self-confidence necessary to fully participate in all activities. The children choose their own work, and are responsible, with any help necessary, for themselves (e.g. washing hands after painting), at times for others (e.g. helping another child complete a task), and for maintaining the classroom environment (e.g. putting their work away neatly). Children soon realize that their ideas and suggestions are given serious consideration, and can be incorporated into the program. This not only raises self-esteem but also helps children become more aware of others, and their feelings and needs. Co-operation, sharing, and helping others evolve naturally through observation, discussion and experience.

All Children:

  • Feel welcome in their “home away from home”;
  • Are challenged to learn at their own pace;
  • Are able to discover their own interests and strengths;
  • Learn and receive compassion in a positive integrative environment;
  • Learn by teaching others;
  • Will receive appropriate support and enrichment.

The Classroom

One of the basic philosophies in Montessori education is to develop your child’s physical, intellectual and spiritual potential to the fullest. To accomplish this, each child must be provided choices. These choices are given to children in what Dr. Montessori called the “prepared environment.” The Montessori classroom provides order and structure through a safe and enriching environment which allows children to learn at their own speed, according to their own capabilities, in a way that they enjoy, in a non-competitive environment.

Our classroom is an exciting place for your child to be! Our shelves are filled with many interesting and beautiful materials that provide your child with fun and stimulating activities that nurture excitement and curiosity. Because the classroom is well organized, all the materials are visible and accessible to the children.

The Directress

The Montessori Directress is trained to teach respect and positive values through the way they teach and by serving as a role model to the children. The Directress is trained to not only teach children to learn, but to also help children become independent, responsible, self-disciplined and cooperative.

At Island Montessori, we believe it is important that our Directresses have a strong educational background. That’s why all of our Directresses are certified through a national Montessori affiliation, ensuring hundreds of hours of training and instruction. Because of our high expectations, we have quality professionals, ensuring your child will receive a quality program throughout the year.

In some “traditional” preschool programs, the teacher may be the center of the classroom, choosing the activities. The lessons are presented to the whole class. But in a Montessori classroom, the Directress is trained to help direct each child on activities they have chosen. The Directress presents lessons to individuals. Other children can participate if they are interested. This way, the Directress can address the specific needs of a child and can respond to that individual child’s level of interest and understanding. The child does not become frustrated because they are forced to sit through something they are not ready for. This individualized attention also allows the Directress to become more familiar with each child. Thus, the Directress understands the child more fully and is able to better provide for each individual child.